Transaction Case Studies

EasyKnock equity investment expand

Alfred equity investment expand

Talespin equity investment expand


  • Talespin raised $20m in Series C funding
  • Proceeds used to support operations and strong growth
  • Investors included SEEK Limited & Allomer Capital
  • The deal was a result of a process involving numerous financial and strategic investors


  • Talespin Reality Labs, Inc. (“Talespin”) is building the spatial computing platform to power talent development and skills alignment for the future of work
  • The company leverages its proprietary XR technology platform to deliver XR-based learning and training applications, mixed reality field tools to support employee job performance, and to advance the collection and alignment of skills data
  • The company’s technology is used by companies across industries, primarily in the Fortune 500

Sixense M&A sale to Penumbra expand


  • On September 17, 2021, Penumbra Inc. (“Penumbra”) agreed to acquire Sixense Enterprises Inc. (“Sixense”) for $300m in stock
  • Penumbra and Sixense had previously formed a JV called MVI Health focused on XR stroke rehabilitation


  • Sixense Enterprises, Inc. ("Sixense"), based in Los Gatos, CA, is a leading provider of enterprise VR/AR solutions
  • Sixense's technology enables immersive, full-presence VR/AR experiences across a range of applications, such as video games, healthcare et al

Datacoral M&A sale to Clouderaexpand


  • On June 1, 2021, Cloudera Inc. (“Cloudera") agreed to acquire Datacoral Inc. (“Datacoral") for an undisclosed amount
  • The acquisition will enable Cloudera to usher in a new era of low-code, no-code self-service by automating complex operations
  • Datacoral adds an easy-to-use SaaS platform to the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) portfolio that provides simple, reliable access to more than 80 common data sources
  • The deal was a result of a competitive process conducted with multiple parties over a condensed timeframe

Datacoral OVERVIEW

  • Datacoral (headquartered in San Francisco) is a leading no-code secure data pipeline infrastructure software platform
  • Datacoral’s proprietary cloud-native technology enables seamless extraction, integration and transformation of data
  • The company has a growing pipeline of blue-chip customers across multiple industries and strong relationships with value-added partners

pulseData $16M equity investment expand


  • pulseData raised $16.3m in Series A funding
  • Proceeds used to support strong growth
  • Investors include Bain Capital/US Renal Care, Two Bear Capital
  • Result of a tightly controlled, competitive process

pulseData OVERVIEW

  • Leading provider of advanced predictive analytics software for improving chronic disease care; initial focus in kidney / renal
  • Early detection of potential chronic disease risk using AI/ML prediction models
  • Integrated data intelligence & workflow engines allow for personalized, proactive, multi-disciplinary care
  • Significantly reduce costs, improve efficiency & patient outcomes
  • Growing base of blue-chip customers across payers, providers, and kidney care specialists
  • Founded in 2016 & headquartered in New York, NY $25M equity investment expand


  • raised $25M in Series C funding
  • Proceeds used to extend leadership in mobile eSports & for potential M&A
  • Led by Intel Capital; participation from existing investors
  • Result of a tightly controlled, competitive process involving leading financial & strategic investors OVERVIEW

  • is a global leader in mobile eSports & game promotion
  • Large concentrated community of 30m+ monthly high value gamers (“whales”)
  • Generates revenue via mobile game promotion, developer/publisher revenue share via eSports ad platform
  • Strong partnerships with global ecosystem of technology platforms, gaming platforms & game developers/publishers
  • Best-in-class proprietary AI/ML-based technology: mobile on PC; mobile eSports orchestration; eSports ad platform
  • Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Campbell, CA

Spotter $66M financing expand


  • Spotter raised $15.5M in Series A funding and $50.0M in debt financing
  • Proceeds used to acquire new content and fund operations
  • Equity funding was led by GPS Investors and Access Industries; debt financing provided by CoVentures
  • The deal was a result of a process involving numerous financial and strategic investors


  • Spotter, Inc. ("Spotter", formerly named RoundUp Media, LLC or Network of One) is a leading, AI/ML-driven digital video acquisition and monetization platform
  • The company's proprietary software analyzes, identifies, & values compelling digital video content for acquisition
  • Provides liquidity solution for independent digital video content creators
  • Largest third-party database of YouTube videos (5B videos, 1B channels)
  • Founded in and headquartered in Los Angeles

TechStyle Fashion Group $110M second lien debt refinancing expand


  • $110M commitment secured from Colbeck Capital
  • Proceeds used for the repayment of existing second lien debt, investment in Savage X brand, and general corporate purposes
  • Result of tightly controlled, competitive process involving multiple leading direct lenders


  • TechStyle, Inc. ("TFG") is a leading platform for building & scaling digital native fashion brands
  • Key brands include Fabletics, JustFab, ShoeDazzle, FabKids & Savage X Fenty
  • Unique subscription-based VIP membership revenue model
  • 100M+ products shipped, 5M+ VIP members, presence in 12 countries
  • Sell & market direct to consumers via e-commerce and Fabletics stores
  • Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Los Angeles

Savage X Fenty $50M equity investment expand


  • SxF raised $50M in growth equity funding
  • Co-led by Marcy Capital and AVENIR Growth Capital
  • Result of a tightly-controlled, competitive process involving select financial investors

Savage X Fenty OVERVIEW

  • Launched in May 2018, Savage X Fenty (“SxF”) is a joint venture between TechStyle Fashion Group and Rihanna
  • SxF is a leading fashion brand for women's lingerie & undergarments
  • The brand is approachable for all women – focuses on inclusivity & body positivity
  • Delivers superior customer experience: digital native, direct-to-consumer membership model

Mighty AI M&A sale to Uber expand


  • On June 21, 2019, Uber Technologies Inc. ("Uber") agreed to acquire Mighty AI Inc. ("Mighty AI") for an undisclosed amount
  • Mighty AI’s intellectual property, software, technology talent and labeling community were merged with Uber's Advanced Technologies Group ("Uber ATG")
  • Combination of the Mighty AI platform with Uber ATG accelerates the development of self-driving technology
  • The deal was a result of a competitive process conducted with multiple parties over a condensed timeframe


  • Mighty AI (headquartered in Seattle) was a leading independent provider of training data software solutions for AI/ML computer vision applications such as autonomous driving
  • Mighty AI's SaaS-based platform efficiently and accurately annotates datasets used to train AI/ML software
  • The company also manages a global crowdsourced community of 800k+ human editors

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